How to order

Order Form:

If you want to order please mail using this form:

Nº /ID of item: -
Name of the item: -
Color: -
Quantity: (please when it is a pair write (a pair) when you want 2 pairs write (2) )

I'll send you the final bill and the shipping cost * in a estimated time of 2 days.

*Shipping change depending on where you live, I'll try to go to the post office to check it and have the exact amount.
For abroad countries you can check prices here:

Shipping prices:

I ship worldwide. 

For orders in Spain:

- Without tracking:
 3 euros
- With tracking:
  4 - 6'10 € (por paquete azul depende del tamaño de la cajita)

Nota: si se paga X dinero por el envio y resulta ser menos, el dinero se os sera reembolsado.