Jewelry (necklaces)

The birdcage necklace.
Info: a cute metal birdcage with openable door.
Material: metal
Colors: as shown in the pic
Prices: 3'75€ with chain/con cadena.
3'5€ without chain/sin cadena.
4 euros with bird/con pajaro dentro.

Romantic bird necklace
Price 4 euros

Model 3: Mori girl soul
Quantity: 1 (único)
Price: 4 euros
Materials: plastic, zamak, ribbon, fabric flower and metal.

Model 1: Bambi in the forest
Quantity: only 1 left

Now only 6 euros!!


Model 2: Sugary Teddy
Quantity: 2 left
Price: 2 euros 1 euro!
plastic, velvet and metal.
You can choose between chain or keyholder!

Item nº 004
(Made under request)
Price: 3 euros (no chains left sorry)

 Nuevo item!
Price: 2 euros