Jewelry (earrings)

Item nº 3
Birds of my garden
Materials: metal and zamak
(include a metal piece to keep them in the ears and not loose them)
Quantity: 1 left
Price: 6 euros


Item nº4
Last leaves of autum
Materials: metal
Quantity: 1 left

Item nº5
Horses constelation
Material: CCB and zamak
Quantity: 1 left Reserved to Mademoiselle Helene
(I can make other pair by order)
Price: 6 euros

Item nº 6
The seamstress hand 
Material: Zamak
Quantity: 1 left
Price: 3 euros

Item nº 7
Sweety Ribbon kitty
Material: Zinc metal alloy(Lead and nickel free)
+ shinny real look pearl
+ babypink ribbon (color more stronger that in pics)
Quantity: 1 left (I make more under request)
Price: 4 euros  (Please, check item nº 8 for a low cost =)

Item nº8
Put a Kitty in your life
Quantity: In stock
Material: Zinc metal alloy(Lead and nickel free) 
Price: 2'50 euros
Offer!!: Buy those earrings with a brazalet as a set for 6 euros!!
(brazalet alone will cost 4 euros).

Back part (says sanrio):

Item nº9
Garden's Magic
Quantity: 3 pairs left
Price: 2 euros
Material: bronze