Item nº 90
Cute animal sheets
Quantity: 1 of each (4)
Price: 1'20 euros
All pages are in grey
There are different drawings in one pack.

Item nº 11
Paris diary
Quantity: 5 left  1 left!!
Color: white, 2 red, blue, dark blue
All pages have pics in color!!
Price: 6 euros 5 euros as is the last one!!


Item nº 12
Classic Home Diary
Color: white, brown and black(Black reserved to Chibi, brown to Li)
Quantity: 2 left
Price: 3'5 euros

Item nº 13
Kawaii notebooks
Color: pink, white, baby blue, black (pink and black reserved to Chibiusa)
Note: two lines notebooks
Quantity: 4 left
Price:1'20 euros 0'75 euros!!
Item nº 30
Music bunnies
Quantity: 3 left, 2 left (one reserved to Li)
Price: 1 euro
Notes: those are little sheets, all in color.

Rilakkuma diaries
Price: 3'25 euros
Quantity: 3 left
Different pics on it and in the interior.
Include a security code to close it.